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Questions often asked

Questions often asked

How to view

Q.About performance stands in Naruto city.

A.2 pay stands:Place Boat race higashi enbujyou and Uzushiokunnishi enbujyou. (stands)
3 Free Plaza:Honmachi odori hiroba/Oomichi odori doori/direx odori hiroba.

Q.When do they start to sell tickets for Naruto city Awa Odori?

A.July 1st 2016 place :convenience store(seven eleven/circle k Sunkus/ticket pia/Naruto city Awa Odori tourism association)


Q.About Tokushima city Awa Odori stands.

A.4 pay stands:Aibahama stands / Konyamachi stands / City hall stands /Minamiuchimachi stands.
2 Free stands:Ryogoku stands / Shinmachi bashi stands.

Q.Tickets in advance

A.VIP:\5000 S:\2000 A:\1800 B:\1600 C: \900 / VIP S A B :reserved seats , C is free seats.
 Same day tickets VIP:\5200 S:\2200 A:\2000 B:\1800 C:\1100 / VIP S A B :reserved seats , C free seats.

 two-change First: 6:30pm-8:00pm / Second: 8:30pm-10:30pm
 Children under Three years-Children of Three years and under-are not charged. (conditions:Please sit a child on an adult's lap)
 VIP seats[Minamiuchimachi stands only]  

Q.When do they start to sell tickets for Tokushima city Awa Odori?

A.July 1st 10 am 2016 Place.
Convenience store : seven eleven/circle k Sunkus/Lawson/mini stop/family Mart/ticket pia/e-plus

Q.How to find or distinguish seats?

A.As performs go along the streets ,seats order A,S ,B and C from starting point where Dancers start to dance.

Q.4 days Awa Odori in Tokushima city,what day is the most exciting day?

A.Not particularnotice. You can enjoy Awa Odori for free at Minamiuchimachi stands and Tokushima city hall stands on the last day August 15 as long as latter part of performance.

Q.What is the best of 6 paystands in Tokushima city? Some stands don't invite well-known Ren(team)?

A.You can view dance performance by at least 6 or 7 rens.

Q.In Tokushima,more and relaxed seats available except for pay seats?

A.Ryougoku enbujyou,Shinmachi enbujyou and several public spaces for Awa Odori.
Yonden Awa Odori Hiroba(place) Tokushima Branch of Shikoku Electlic power.com. http://www.yonden.co.jp/english/

Q.How to view Dance out side of enbujyou?(Tokushima city)

A.many areas fir viewing.

Yonden Awa Odori Hiroba (seats set up)Tokushima Branch of Shikoku Electlic power.com. http://www.yonden.co.jp/english/

Ginza Odori Hiroba

Ryogokubashi Minami Odori Hiroba

Shinmachibashi Higashi Hiroba

Motomachi Hiroba

Ryougoku Hiroba

Ryougokubashi Minami Odori road

Q.View along the street?(Tokushima city)

A.You can enjoy it everywhere because many rens and the crowded dance freely.

Q.View in the day time?

A.This is the result in 2014.Please check it about 2016.

August 9 Place Senjyoujiki Naruto park Naruto city Ren(team) dance with Ohnaruto Bashi bridge background.

August 12 Shinkou kyokai nagas hi dance.10am at Tokushima station.Tel:Tokushima tourism association 088-622-4010

August 12-15 Amiko Awa Odori platform/Sogo dept 2F. Tel:Tokushima city development 088-621-4411

August 13-15 Awa Odori NHK(Tokushima station)Tel:088-626-5970

August 12 Awa Odori place Kougenji(temple) Shimizu Tel:090-8974-5186

August 12-15 Place Asty Tokushima 11am-14pm AstyTokushima Tel:088-624-5111

August 13-15 Amico Awa Odori Festa Place Civic center 4F 13pm-17pm Tokushima kaihatsu Tel:088-621-4411

August 14 Awa Odori live performance Place/Tokushima castle museum 11:00-/13:30- Tel:088-656-2525

Q.Where to view a whole Dance.

A.The last day of Naruto city place : Boat Race Naruto Higashi Enbujyou (stands)

Latter part of the last day of Tokushima city Place :Minamiuchimachi enbujyou ,Tokushima city hall enbujyou,Ikeda Awa Odori the last day :Pay stands

Q.Awa Odori is open to all ?

A.Niwaka Ren(team) and some famous Ren(team) allow everybody to join it.

Meeting time and place

Naruto city A enbujyou Entrance

Tokushima city Tokushima city hall

Yoshinogawa city JR Kamojima station

Ikeda city near pay stands

Mmusical accompaniment played at north side of Shinmachi bashi Tokushima city. You're free to join it.

http://mixi.jp/view community.pl?id=275822

Q.Possble to dance on the performance road?

A.Tokushima city wants more dancers of Suito Ren and Tokushima Ren.

August 14-15 17:00-20:00

The number of dancers Male 40 Female 40 Children 40

Application June 15-July17

2-5 saiwaicho Tokushima city,Tourism section Tel:088-621-5232/Fax:088-621-5457


Q.Possible to view performance after joining and dancing with Niwaka Ren?

A.To adjust time allow you to do so Niwaka Ren 18:30/20:30

Q.In case Awa Odori is called off because of a heavy rain?

A.When cancelled refund or special performance.
 → front http://www.awaodori-kaikan.jp/dance/hanbai_omote.pdf / back http://www.awaodori-kaikan.jp/dance/hanbai_ura.pdf

Q.A baggage room available when joining Dance?

A.No service but a coin -operated lockers available.

Q.Possible to come to see Awa Odori with Small Children?

A.Not recommend but pay stands for performance.

Q.How can I experience Awa Odori tour?

A.Could you please join Niwaka Ren(temporary dance team). No reservation.

Q.To View or enjoy Awa Odori out side of a period of Awa Odori in August?

A.Everyday and everynight performance at Awa Odori kaikan(hall). You can enjoy or experience it on the program. http://www.awaodori-kaikan.jp/


Q.Accommodations in Tokushima.

A.the map will help you find hotels or inns.→Accommodations

Q.Hard to find hotels or inns in the center of Tokushima city during a period of Awa Odori What to find hotel?

A.Naruto city or Kagawa prefecture may have hotels or inns a bit far away from Tokushima city.
  Check it at tourism information.


Q.Sites or information which help you find accommodations in Tokushima city on the same day of performance?

A.Please check it at tourism information in front of JR Tokushima station.

Transport system

Q.Possible to find a parking lot in Naruto city Awa Odori?

A.A temporary parking lot in front of Naruto city culture.No bus service but walk to Dance stands.

Q.Temporary train or increased train?

A.JR Shikoku will increase trains during the tourist season. JR Shikoku http://www.jr-shikoku.co.jp/

Q.Temporary bus or increased bus ?

A.There are increased bus service.

Tokushima city bushttp://www.city.tokushima.jp/bus/

Tokushima bushttp://www.tokubus.co.jp/

Q.What time is a parking lot full?

A.Round 6 pm.

Q.A parking lot in Tokushima city?

A.The results following but check it in 2016 ,2014 results Pay parking.

Shinmachi elementary school 300 cars 10:09-22:00

Uchimachi elementary school 320cars 8:30-23:00

Tomida elementary school 150 cars 10:00-23:00

Tokushima jr highschool 200cars 12:00-23:00

Tomida Chuo koen 200cars 11:00-23:00

Higashi Tomida Koen 200cars 11:00-23:00

Tokushima prefecture office 213cars 5 cars for handicapped August 12-15. 18:00-23:00 Free parking.

Yoshinogawa river parking Bus service available : needed numbered ticket \100(over school children) 16:00-22:50

Marine Terminal parking lot:marine pia Okinosu 550cars.

Free bus service but \100 needed as traffic regulation fare. A person 1 time(over school children.)

A public parking lot list

Shinmachi underground 133cars.

Konyamachi underground 287cras.

Ekimae nishi underground 154cars.

Aibahama underground 295cars.

Tomidahama 1st 86cars.

Tomidahama 2nd 38cars.

Saiwaicho 45cars.

**All above are payment per parking hour.

Asty Tokushima 550cars \200 1 time a whole day

Some area traffic regurated 18:00-23:00 ,Shinmachi and Konyamachi allow cars out of a parking lot.

Notice : many private parking lot here and there. Please check it.

Q.Guide for temporary parking?

A.Yes guide help you park car. Bus service is often crowded and recommend you to come in your spare time.

Q.A parking lot in Ikeda?


Free parking lot following

Ikeda elementary school 200cars

Ikeda jr highschool 200cars

Comprehensive gymnasium 300cars

A parking lot the former Funai electricity company 100cars

Health service center 30cars

City hall parking lot 30cars

Yanagawa parking lot 100cars

Pay parking lot

Ikeda sakae parking lot 30 cars , 1 hour \200 \100added every 1 hour


Q. A special product or souvenir of Tokushima prefecture

Please refer to page related to souvenir. various kinds of souvenirs: from confectionary to handicrafts and goods or souvenirs related to Awa Odori. In addition,how to buy through a communications network.→pages for souvenirs

Q.Sightseeing plan before Awa Odori begins in the evening?

Check it on the page for tourism.→ Tourism

Q.A round paper fan held around broad sash available?

You cannot take it away ,but better to ask company Ren ,which may distribute fans.

Street vendors?

A.Many street vendors;more than 200

Q.music and musical instruments for Awa Odori?

A.we call musical instruments "Narimono". Narimono should be referenced: terms of Awa Odori.

Q.Taking pictures with dancers?

A.In many cases you can ask them. Maybe yes.

Q.Garbage cans available along the street?

A.Garbage stations equipped according to type of garbage but want you to carry them back.

Q.How to join Ren(team)?

A.Many Ren want dancers on the homepage.

Q.Rental Yukata(clothes for Awa Odori)

A.Rental services available: Happi(clothes) for Niwaka Ren.

Rental place : Tokushima city hall /Awa Odori information desk.

**A deposit \3000 when putting it back ,you can receive \2500.

Rental hour 18:00-22:00 the first 250 persons.

**In case returning it over the dead line,go to 4 th floor of Awa Odori Kaikan by 16:00 on August 20.

Special events during a period of Awa Odori

A.August 9 Yoshimoto shin kigeki (comedy show)will be held in Naruto city.

In Tokushima city. There were held following in 2014 and check it in 2016 program.

August 12 Tokushima Sanae KaiPlace. Awa Odori Kaikan 9:00-/Tokushima castle museu 10:30- Tel Sanaekai 090-4500-1501

August 12-15 Tomida Zomeki Shamisen performance 21:30-22:30 Place Tomida machi http://wwwb.pikara.ne.jp/uzunokai/ Tel 088 669 0620

August 15 Tsuda Bon Odori 11:00-/13:30- Tel Tokushima castle museum 088 656 2525

Q.Where is nice view spot?

A.Hyoutanjima boat service and a cable car of Mt.Bizan.

Q.Souvenirs ?

A.1st floor of UzishioKaikan next to Naruto Fire department.http://www.naruto-bussan.jp/

Arudeyo Tokushima of Awa Odori Kaikan Tokushima city.http://tokushima-bussan.com/

Basement of Tokushima station building.

basement of Tokushima Sogo department store.

Q.How many spectators during 4 days priod of AwaOdori?

A.One million and three hundred thousand spectators are expected.

Q.How many rens(teams)?

A.More than 1000 RENs expected.

Rare and tribal knowledge

Q.People in Tokushima can dance Awa Odori?

A.Elementary school children dance Awa Odori on sports day. But other schools don't.

Some dance and others enjoy viewing it.

Q.People in Tokushima prefecture have had no chance to see or join other Bon Odori?

A.Almost yes. Tokushima people hardly have a chance to see other Bon Odori but that depends.

Q.To meet entertainers on the streets during Awa Odori?

A.yes Company Rens(teams) invite some entertainers. You may have a chance to meet entertainers who come to dance pay stands,where you may have a chance to shake hands with them.

Q. Some employees can take a rest for Awa Odori?

A.Some dancers take a paid holiday and some companies understand their situation.

In short some companies allow employees to dance.

Q.Some people keep dancing until dawn?

A.Traffic restrictions are cancelled at 22:30 ,after that.

There can be seen some people still dancing along the street called Akitamachi around.

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